Christianity gets a bad rap (frequently deserved). But if you peel back the layers of misunderstanding, the true gem hidden inside is a message of grace. Rest. Refreshing. Freedom. If you're suspicious of religion (like me) but long for real hope and purpose... this class is a perfect fit.

Of course, there's no way all of life's answers can be boiled down to a tidy little 8 section course. I'm good, but not quite that good. Still, I've gathered all the best evidence from the very best resources... with the sum total being a quick, efficient, easy-to-understand presentation of a truly life-enhancing message.

Topics of this class:

  1. Is there a God?
  2. If so, what type of god?
  3. What if you hate religion and rules, like me?
  4. The comparison game: perfection vs. me
  5. Oops, looks like I died. Now what? (hint... it's so fun)
  6. Learn to identify religion vs. love (it's all about grace)
  7. A solid foundation that will dramatically alter the course of your life
  8. Final Project: Create a new life strategy that includes rest, refreshing, freedom, peace, and contentment



~Microlearning: 8 quick bursts of multi-media information for a busy schedule

~Tons of extra resources included


Opens Soon