Does the idea of self-care make you cringe? Does it seem... well... selfish? Learn why self-care is actually an expression of faith. Together, we will develop a self-care plan that will enhance your life and ability to love others.

Objectives of this class:

  1. Learn what self care is
  2. Understand the connection between self care (i.e. rest) and Christian faith
  3. Assess current level of self care
  4. Discover the most effective means of self care and possible road blocks
  5. Create your own self care plan

Instructor: Julie Rajnus, MA in Human Services Counseling

Duration: 4 weeks

Format: online, small group

Time commitment: about 1 hour per week, with additional time allotted for personal self-care practice

Includes: Self-care level assessment. Weekly discussions and feedback. Final project is a personal self-care plan.

Class size: 1-6 people

Price: $50

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