If you're anything like I was, studying the bible can sometimes be... dull. Disheartening. Even discouraging. I read everything as a command that I was failing at. This class will give you a few tips on how to study the bible through the lens of grace. Turn the bible into a mirror, and see the beauty of Jesus looking back at you.

The emphasis of Christianity is meant to be grace: unconditional, powerful, life-changing love. 

Objectives of this class:

  1. Discover oppressive motives for studying the bible
  2. Understand the grace of God deeply
  3. Identify bible verses that represent the law (and could only be fulfilled by Jesus)
  4. Soak up bible verses that remind us of our new status in Jesus
  5. Create a regular bible study strategy that refreshes (rather than drains)


~Microlearning: 4 quick bursts of multi-media information



~Opens February 1, 2018