Every day we are defined by something we had absolutely no say in: our name.  It was given to us as a gift long before we had even developed a personality. Our God-given names often reveal something about our purpose in life.

Objectives of this class:

  1. Explore the cultural and spiritual meanings of our names
  2. To discover (or be reminded of) our God-given purpose in life
  3. To learn how to lean into our strengths AND our weaknesses
  4. To evaluate our current journey and make course changes if necessary

~Format: Online, small group (less than 8 people per class)

~Duration: Four weeks, approximately an hour commitment per week.

~Microlearning: 4 quick bursts of multi-media information

~Cost: $20

~Includes: one art/craft/photography project, and one optional face-to-face gathering for anyone in the Klamath county, Oregon area.

~Opens Soon