I LOVE learning! I especially love learning when practical information is presented beautifully, designed to strengthen and encourage for real-life issues. And how about a few laughs thrown in as well? I hope that's what you'll find here. And what could be better than enjoying it all from the comfort of home?  

Some of my classes are free, and there are ALWAYS scholarships available. Please contact me if you can't fit a class into your budget. Some are designed for self-pace, and some are done as a group. I've designed the curriculum for each class based on current mental health research and the integration of Christian faith into wellbeing. Kind of my two favorite things. 

Grab a cup of tea or a cappuccino, relax deeply into your favorite chair, and away we go...  (That almost sounded like I was trying to hypnotize you.  No hypnotizing, I promise)


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Even people who love solitude need connection. If you are shy, socially anxious, introverted, or housebound, it's not always easy finding those connections. This grace group places you gently within a small online fellowship of like-minded people. 

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If you're anything like I was, studying the bible can sometimes be... dull. Disheartening. Even discouraging. I read everything as a command that I was failing at. This class will give you a few tips on how to study the bible through the lens of grace. Turn the bible into a mirror, and see the beauty of Jesus looking back at you.

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Every day we are defined by something we had absolutely no say in: our name.  It was given to us as a gift long before we had even developed a personality. Our God-given names often reveal something about our purpose in life.

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Christianity gets a bad rap (frequently deserved). But if you peel back the layers of misunderstanding, the true gem hidden inside is a message of grace. Rest. Refreshing. Freedom. If you're suspicious of religion (like me) but long for real hope and purpose... this class is a perfect fit.

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Does the idea of self-care make you cringe? Does it seem... well... selfish? Learn why self-care is actually an expression of faith. Together, we will develop a self-care plan that will enhance your life and ability to love others.

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