Social anxiety is a common, and debilitating problem. It is more than just shyness or introversion; it is a crippling fear of social situations. This class will give you greater insight into the mysterious ways you (or your socially anxious loved one) were designed. Incredibly, you will begin to discover that social anxiety can be a gift.


Objectives of this class:

  1. Learn the symptoms of social anxiety (self-assessment included)
  2. Learn the spiritual principles of social anxiety (these will be comforting)
  3. Explore the brain and body links (you are not to blame)
  4. Understand (and learn to let go of) the Twelve Rules of social anxiety
  5. Examine safety behaviors and post-event processing
  6. Gain practical coping strategies
  7. Enjoy life with less pressure
  8. Grace-based bonding in an online small group (optional)

Instructor: Julie Rajnus, MA in Human Services Counseling

Format: online, small group

Duration: designed to be 6 weeks (but is self-paced)

Time commitment: about 1-2 hours per week


  • Video lessons covering subjects like the brain, diagnosis, coping methods, counseling tips, etc.
  • A small online discussion/bonding group
  • Weekly art/craft projects
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • Weekly prayer prompts
  • Online resources, self-assessments, etc.
  • An environment for practicing new living skills
  • Goal setting/ life planning project

Class size: no more than ten people

Price: $49.99

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