Free Online- BIRDOLOGY  (Closed)

This is an online "encouragement class" for quarantine times... and it's themed around... um... birds. 🤷‍♀️

Here are the 7 days-

  • Monday: the Nature of God (the Eagle)
  • Tuesday: the Nature of Us (the Fledglings)
  • Wednesday: the Nature of Fear (the Ravens)
  • Thursday: the Nature of Faith (Flying)
  • Friday: the Nature of Connection (Feeding)
  • Saturday: the Convocation(a Flock of Eagles)
  • Sunday (Easter): The Nature of Rest (the Nest)

Each day has a short lesson, journal prompt, art project, discussion board for prayer requests, etc., and song. It takes about 15 minutes a day (journalling and art is optional above that). This is designed to be for a small group- 10 or less.

Starts this Monday (4/6)- ends on Easter. Send me your email to sign up.

This is now closed. Thank you to those who participated!

Klamath Community College

Textbook for PSY 101

I teach the following classes online.

Psychology & Human Relations- PSY 101

This is my favorite class to teach, with super useful information for personal and professional development. We cover issues such as locus of control, stress coping, managing conflict, developing close relationships, self-care, self-image development, emotions, and more.

Human Growth & Development I- PSY 235

In this class we explore human development from conception to pre-adolescence. This class is particularly useful for those who may go into education, nursing, research, or childcare. It's also practical for those who would like to hone their parenting skills.

Human Growth & Development II- PSY 236 (Spring term only)

In this class we explore human development from adolescence to end of life. We will discuss issues related to physical, emotional, and social human development such as grief, aging, careers, education, family dynamics, and more. This class is usually only offered in Spring term.

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