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There's grace for that...

The End is Near?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had all the information we needed to plan for the future? For instance, if I knew that the company I work for will be bankrupt in three years, I would have plenty of time to look for a different job. With that kind of information, it would be simple to take the necessary steps to prevent future suffering and be kept safe at all times. The good news (or should I say, GREAT NEWS) is that we do have exactly that type of information.

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Hope on Hold

Here’s my list of things I just really want- gifts I don't deserve but I long for anyway.

  1. A harp. I know- that’s a weird one. I started watching youtube videos by musicians, and somehow came to the conclusion that a harp would be a perfect fit for me. I can NOT sing, but how fun would it be to still make a lovely sound? SO EXPENSIVE.
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Top 8 Ways to be Blessed

As the world seems to be crumbling around us (morally, spiritually, and in some ways- physically) are you wondering how to thrive? Are you craving a healthy attitude? Are you determined to flourish, regardless of what comes at you?
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