The Perfection Principle

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The nemesis of all social anxiety sufferers is Post Event Processing (PEP). We have a social interaction- and then when it's over we replay it, examining our words and actions. This is always done with a judgmental slant- as in:

I should have made more eye contact.
Why did I say that?
I forgot to ask them about themselves.
I should have spoken up more.

This is all very self-focused and condemning. There IS another way.

Processing in Perfection

When trying to make sense of our social interactions, we can apply the perfection principle in 2 ways-

1. I am covered in Jesus perfection, which makes me immune to all judgment and condemnation.

2. I am also a human, only capable of knowing what I know when I know it.

So now, we examine our social interactions knowing we absolutely did the best we could at the time (perfection!), and any improvements we would like to make can be applied next time. There is no need for self-judgment or wondering about any judgment- because all judgment has been neutralized by Jesus.

Each moment is perfect in its own imperfect design. ❤️ What a fun way to live!

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