An Unshakeable Identity

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How you view yourself (your sense of identity) is directly tied to how you view God.

Do you see yourself as beautiful, confident, courageous, and made in the image of God?

Then you see your Father clearly- One filled with compassion, love, and grace. You value the Good News of Christ above all else- having established your perfection in Him and Him alone. You know He is on your side. What more could we need?


Do you see yourself as timid, unsure, beaten down, filled with fault and unable to make decisions because you lack in wisdom?

Then you see your Father as difficult to please, inattentive, harsh, and demanding, as if the Good News of Christ was of no effect.

Choose carefully this day- in how you view yourself. This is the enemy’s greatest ploy- to steal from the wonder of Jesus’ grace. You must fight the battle over who you are daily. Fight hard to rest in Him.

Your self-concept is a measure of your faith in grace, and your belief in a good, good Father.

Be bold in this world, knowing His grace is more than enough for you.

"Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest..."

Hebrews 4:11a

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