Worthy of Love & Belonging

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I've heard this message several different ways over the last few weeks-

*Our thoughts can be a source of life or death*

About 50,000 thoughts run through our heads on the average day. 

A fair amount of those are probably not healthy. This can be especially true when our bodies are under duress. We were created as a mysterious mix of body, spirit, and soul. Physical influences, such as stress, hormones, illness, seasons, medications, etc. can darken the quality of our thoughts (and our thoughts can weaken our bodies- it's all very interlinked).

"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5, NIV)."

Unfortunately, I don't have the energy (or the time, really) to fight off 50,000 untruthful thoughts, especially when I’m at the end of a long winter. BUT, experts believe there are about 5 core beliefs that undergird our thought life.

For me- I end up with a lot of inward-focused anxious or insecure thoughts.

One of my worst ones- that rears its ugly head nearly every day in one form or another- is this (this is also central for those with social anxiety):

• I don't deserve love and belonging

The mini-thoughts that stem from that core belief are “I’m boring” “I’m a hypocrite” “I’m annoying”- notice how they are all very me-focused? That is the enemy’s greatest ploy- turn inward and be robbed of joy. It also reveals my small faith in a God who deeply loves me, who made me exactly as I am, for His unique purposes. He is so much greater than my little old human flaws.

So let’s demolish this idea (in case this one has ever tempted you as well)- I may not have the energy to fight of 50,000 dark thoughts- but I can remain grounded on one healthy core belief.

God designed us for love and belonging from the jump (providing Eve for Adam). There is not one person under God's design who wasn't meant to belong somewhere and be loved by someone. Not. One. Person.

The enemy would love to turn our focus inward- on all our flaws and unworthiness. The goal is simply isolation, which stops the flow of love in any direction- from others to me, and me to others.

We were made for love and belonging together. Healthy, truth-based core beliefs get translated into healthy thoughts which lead to courageous, faith-based actions.

Today’s core belief: I am worthy of love and belonging.
Today’s action of faith: I will take the risk of connecting with others, for their benefit and for mine. And for God's glory.

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