The Meaning of Life: A Psychological Thriller

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The challenge- to simplify the entire bible narrative from the beginning of time to now into a video, and make it less than 30 minutes long. Challenge accepted- PLUS, I managed to make my cowlick stand straight up the whole time.

But seriously,  a simple, firm understanding of what we're doing here (as humans), and what we were created for, provides a tremendous amount of resiliency. Courage, easy decision-making, focus, confidence, peace... all of this flows from the simplicity of the overall bible narrative. 

The bible reads just like a psychological thriller- a confusing opening scene... who is the villain? Who's the hero? Pages of pages of human messiness, but not in isolation. And then a massive plot twist- followed by the greatest final chapter ever written.

If you don't have time to read the bible or watch a video-  here it is, summed up in 3 little words:

God's Pursuing Love

It's the greatest psychological plot twist of all time- and it's so, so empowering.

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