Welcome 2021- and bring on the grace! Announcing... Graceology. I'll be moving nearly all of my activity over here. I so hope you will consider joining us.

The Graceology website has launched, and we're ready for beta testers. All you need to do is be patient as we work through the kinks, and help us get better.

What you get:

  • • Weekly 15 minute video or short article
  • • Well-being topics include: stress-coping, personality, relationships, and more...from a grace-based perspective.
  • • Weekly journaling and art prompts
  • • Online discussions (in a private community)
  • • Health tips... and more.
  • • Self-paced- no time constraints.
  • • More confidence, more courage, more resiliency, more of everything good... from God

The first class- "Grace & Well-being" is open now.
Is there a better way to start 2021?⠀


Hope on Hold

Here’s my list of things I just really want- gifts I don't deserve but I long for anyway. A harp....
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Flourishing while Suffering- Lessons from potatoes

We can embrace suffering and use it as a platform for flourishing in God's grace. Twenty five ...
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